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The Forbidden Fruits – What Are They?

The answer to the forbidden fruits lies within esoteric interpretation of Genesis 2:16-17 “the tree of the knowledge of the fruits of good and evil” and, “the tree of life”. The symbolism behind the word “tree” is that every tree has a root system which receives nourishment, which then serves the overall tree. Thus esoterically “the tree of the knowledge of the fruits of good and evil” and “the tree of life” is that both trees’ roots can potentially serve the consciousness, one either of soul-serving nature and the other non-soul serving. In other words, the fruits of one will bind, cling to our consciousness, while the other, the tree of life, will free or purify the consciousness rendering our actions non-binding. Therefore, it’s the nature-quality of the particular root – the mind / nervous system – which determines the spiritual quality of the fruit encountered and experienced within the mind / physiology. Thus the tree-root saturated in meditative silence-stillness is automatically infused of divine nature, Bliss or pure peace. Conversely, the root or mind not meditatively engaged – in some soul-connecting inner dynamic — is solely surviving on the fruits which cling, bind, therefore not in harmony with divine consciousness.

What specifically are the forbidden fruits?

The forbidden fruits are every sensory / mental action performed or experienced through spiritual ignorance — while still emotionally attached to the objective phenomenal world as our true reality. By this illusory reality — the opposite of our true reality — we come under the dominance of the laws of nature also known as the law of cause and effect “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”. Here the conscious mind and five senses remain identified solely with automatically recurring sub-conscious programming. The fruits are forbidden because they bind the mind and body to activity, to mind-sets not in harmony with divine law, thereby making the mind a virtual prisoner to automatic or unconscious behaviour. And is why Jesus said “bring (in meditation) the five loaves (five senses) and two fish (two spiritual glands in the brain) to him (purification silence)”.

Through attachment and identification with this inherited sub-conscious conditioning, the mind fails to appreciate and reflect its own divine nature – bliss-consciousness. Such is how, by perpetual overshadowing of the inner “tree of life”, spiritual ignorance continues unabated leaving sub-conscious activity to repeat automatically. Due to this born-into non-spiritually awakened level of consciousness, the forbidden fruits are carried on through what’s called the lower-self or lower-ego.

From the effects perspective, the forbidden fruits are subliminal thought waves produced from a level of consciousness that is not spiritually developed, not cosmically or universally attuned. Whereas thought-experiencing through the tree of life reflects the awakened soul, a soul rooted and vibrating in cosmic consciousness.

Maturing through life experiences, it becomes obvious that right action cannot be determined through this erring, lower-ego, conditioned mind. That there must be another element of our existence not yet being inner experienced.

So, the question arises: how is the difference between right and wrong activity discerned, what is the criteria of right action? (action in accordance with divine nature).

From the soul’s perspective, right action is determined transcendentally. Through daily meditation, purification of lower-ego takes place which enables the mind automatically be in harmony with right action, with the cosmic laws of natural evolution, the will of God, and not shackled to the binding influence of the fruits of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, to perpetual sin-nature. Through Higher Self connectivity, compassion and unconditional love — in how we’re hearing and seeing others’ spiritual ignorance – are experienced more deeply in our daily encounters,

Only One Tree

In reality there is only one tree, for the root of the tree of the fruits of good and evil becomes transformed into the tree of life. Thus the tree of life was always present as Potential consciousness, with its realization the goal-purpose of individual life. Transforming the root of the “good and evil” leads to direct knowing of the tree of eternal life.

Because the forbidden fruits need integration into consciousness, made neutral, its first necessary to go through the experience, thereby make a conscious choice to divinity – tree of life — which nature resides within our consciousness.

It is only after experiencing a period of sin-fruit nature, that we get to make an actual decision. A conscious choice regards the inherited conditioning thereby grow out of this spiritual ignorance into higher spiritual awareness. By growth is meant purification of the inner systems through which the lower-self uses for its experiences, thereby maintain its illusory status as real. The lower-self in practical terms is an accumulation of mental impurities and lived out through the impure nervous system, five senses, conditioned ego and the 12 cranial nerves in the brain. All of which, while spiritually asleep, are responsible for maintaining the forbidden fruits in the mind and the physiology. This brings about decaying or corrosion of spiritual well-being thus making experience of the tree of life almost impossible. Hence the need of meditation – or some inner awakening program — thereby do these inner mechanisms become spiritually realigned.

At practical level, the forbidden fruits are addictive thought patterns which bind the mind / body structures to inappropriate or wrong life-style choices. And because of their impure status are refused entry into the kingdom of heaven consciousness within. But that, after purification or consciousness transformation, mind-awareness becomes rooted in the tree of life – eternal pure nature.

Therefore, the tree of life and the tree of good and evil can be understood as lower-self and Higher Self, similar to biblical Cain and Abel. In other words, we entered this world as lower-self and, due to non-awakened soul nature or impure consciousness, were incapable of “eating” — experiencing — from the tree of life, and, in the process, lower-self, Cain, smothered our own Higher Self, Abel.

Thus, it’s the spiritual vibration of the root, the mind, which determines the quality of our life – harmony or disharmony, suffering or bliss, ignorance of God or spiritual awareness. Through spiritual practices such as meditation, Yoga and other established mind-centring techniques, the tree of the forbidden fruits become integrated, transformed into the tree of eternal life.

Through such integration of sub-conscious content, these same forbidden fruits present no further problem in daily life, for they are no longer forbidden. Thus, “Heaven and earth (all of creation) are full of thy glory”. In other words, we’re free to enjoy all of creation through our awakened soul nature, free from the binding influence of all forbidden fruit’s activity.

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