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YOUnique – Honoring Your Reality – And Everyone Else’s!

How are you different from every other human being on this planet? While it is true that we’re all here sharing the experience of being human, and that gives us commonality, we are each totally unique beings having our own unique experience of life.

Think about it. You can see this truth in the simplest of things. Some people love the beach while others love the mountains. Some people love Chinese food, while others hate it. Some people love modern art; others hate it. Some people like trucks while others prefer sports cars. We are all having our own unique experience in life – leading to things we like and don’t like, that we think are good or bad – sourced out of the totally unique entity we each are.

How is it that you determine what’s true for you? Have you ever thought about that? Why do you prefer the beach or the mountains? Why do you love or hate Chinese food? Why do you love or hate modern art? Why do you prefer trucks or sports cars? Or why do you not care for any of these things at all? How do you know these things? Where does that knowledge come from?

One of the most powerful stories I was ever told, and one which helped me embrace my unique truth and experience in life, I call “The Analogy of The Tongue.” I know that may sound a little gross, but it is memorable.

Years ago a good friend of mine saw that I was struggling to really embrace who I was as a minister, an evolutionary advocate, and a spiritual conduit. I didn’t really know what was evolving through me at that time. In the model in which I had grown up, and the life I was living at that time, it didn’t make any sense. I didn’t have any context or precedence for it.

So he said this to me:

He asked me to name a food I do not like. I told him eggplant. He said, “OK, why do you not like eggplant?” I said “Because it’s gushy, mushy, usually gray in color, and has a paste-like taste to it. There is nothing about it for me to like.” He said “Great. Now, what if I told you everybody else is eating it, would you then eat it?” I said, “A lot of other people do like and eat it, and I still do not eat it. Therefore, no.” He said “OK, great.

Now, what if I told you you should eat it, because it’s good for you and it’s the right thing to do. Then would you eat it? Might you like it then?” I said, “No, I don’t care what you say about it, I know I don’t like it and don’t want to eat it.” He said, “Good.”

He went on to say “Now, is this something you would purchase, prepare, and serve dinner guests?” And I said “No way. I would not serve them something I myself do not like. In fact, I wouldn’t even know if it was good or not anyhow. So, no, I would not serve it to guests at my house for dinner.” Then he said, “Is there anything I or anyone could do to make you like and eat eggplant?” I said “No, I just don’t like it.”

He said “Great. Your purpose in life, and all things in life, is just like this. It’s that simple.” And he was, and is, so right. Your purpose is innate in you, as are your preferences for food. You like some things and you don’t like other things. You won’t try to like and eat eggplant because everyone else does, or because someone tells you you should, or because someone else asks for it.

So don’t try to force yourself into SOMEONE ELSE’S TRUTH! Eat and serve others what you know and like – YOUR truth. Anything else is a disservice to yourself and others. It’s not authentic!

You have a tongue, or a taste, for everything that is true for you. And this includes God. How do you know what God is for you? How do you know which religion or path or philosophy is “the truth?” You know because you test it against your own internal “truth meter.” You are always automatically asking yourself “Does this seem true to me? Does this feel right to me? Do I like this? Do I want more of this?” We do this with everything – and so does everybody else. This is how we find our truth – including the truth for us when it comes to God.

If each person has his or her own truth about life and the world, their own unique experience, then there really is no truth – EXCEPT – and this is really important – EXCEPT what’s true FOR YOU. Truth is a personal thing. Truth is created by you, for you. No one can tell you what’s true for you. And vice versa – you cannot tell others what’s true for them. Although, of course, lots of people try.

It’s important to realize that your truth ultimately comes from within you, not from some source outside. And, just as importantly, realize this is true for everyone else too. Just because something makes complete and total sense for you, doesn’t mean it makes complete and total sense for everyone else, or anyone else for that matter. Just like you, everyone has their own unique experience and perspective of the world. And just like you, they believe what they believe, and they like what they like, and don’t like what they don’t like, because that’s what is true FOR THEM.

We live in a community of many levels: from the family; to the neighborhood; to the town; to the city; to the state; to the nation; to the planet. We all have a role in the functioning of the community, at one or many levels, and it’s essential we each play our authentic, inspired role, and that we each know, own, and share our unique truth. At the same time, we must allow others to play their role, and own, and share their unique truth. Whatever that may be and however that may look.

Try this:

Take a moment to reflect on what’s true for you and how it’s absolutely unique for you. Think about how this is true for everyone else on the planet. Ask yourself “Do I honor my truth and determine it for myself? Or do I bow to external authority and tend to believe what others say is true?” Are there opportunities or areas where you can more greatly empower YOUR truth?

And just as important, ask yourself “Do I allow and honor the unique truth that others have? Or do I more often try to impose my reality and truth on them?” Are there areas where you could more greatly honor and respect the unique truth of others as THEIR truth?

If you can really get this, you will be free – free to fully be yourself, and free to allow others to be fully themselves.

Congratulations – you are one step closer to your mojo!

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