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Intuition vs Logic – Can I Really Trust My Gut?

I was recently listening to an interview by a new Best Selling Author who was sharing his secrets for becoming the #1 New York Times Best Selling Author and the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author after only 4 days with his very first book. He was young, dynamic and very interesting to listen to. And like most successful people he had a system that he used to get to the success that he very generously shared with his listening audience.

What I found to be very interesting was that he gave all of the credit for his success to his “logic.” He explained how he “felt” that the best thing to do was to look at the numbers to quantify what would be successful. And how he “knew” that if he tested his title that he would get an accurate answer as to which one he should go with. He also shared that he could just “see” that it was all going in the right direction and that he was able to “guide” his team to helping him to be successful by working with his formulas.

As I listened, I thought “You know it is so amazing how he gave all of the credit for his success to his ‘logic'”. But what he was not realizing is that his Intuition, (energetically seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing) is what sent the “logic” to him in the first place! This very talented Author ended his interview with “Trust the numbers, not your gut!” And he spent an hour and a half unknowingly explaining how his Intuition “inspired” him to take the most logical actions which brought him such great success!

When we consider logic, which according to Webster’s Dictionary officially means “A science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity and inference and demonstration: the science of the formal principles of reasoning,” we must recognize that getting to the “logic” is often ‘Inspired’ by our Higher Self or Spirit. If, as in the case of this wonderful Author, the outcome was successful and everything fell into place easily and efficiently, then he followed his Intuition to the “logic” that was actually presented to him as a system for success! This demonstrates how Intuition and logic go hand in hand. Intuition is the inspiration and logic is the system to bring it to fruition!

If, however you start to second guess and deliberate based on fear of not getting it right or on competing with someone else, “logic” then gets in the way because it is now coming from the “ego” and will send you into an impossible, exhausting and inefficient tail spin that creates the dreaded “analysis paralysis!”

The best thing to do is to really work on being able to discern what is true Intuition that is inspired and what is your ego trying to “make the grade”. Like the Best Selling Author, “mastery and the practical application of your Intuition” will bring you the True Success that you are seeking! So go ahead and “Trust Your Gut!”

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