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Desires – Realized One Step At A Time

Your desire to evolve as an individual may be stirring within your soul. You may feel studious, and your concentration may be stronger than usual. Intellectual pursuits can excite and inspire you, leading you to delve more deeply into a topic or discipline. However, you may not know where to begin to bring your desire to fruition.

You may have already armed yourself with knowledge, but putting the knowledge into practice is the critical step. You may be highly focused on a particular goal, your concentration can give you the will to pursue it intently.

Simply take the first step, once you have taken the first step, you will see what to do next. A child does not learn to walk by wondering if taking a step would lead to the ultimate goal. The child simply takes a step and continues to take steps, thus discovering that a step requires another and another until the desired goal is reached–being over there, or in reach of a toy.

You may find that you are able to assimilate information even when plagued by distractions, the demands of your family, friends, colleagues, or worldly stressors. Putting your knowledge into practice is as easy as taking that first step. If you want to change how you react to someone’s demands, think of a more effective approach and rehearse it, visualize it until it has been assimilated. The mind does not distinguish between a rehearsal, visualization and the actions you decide to take.

Perfecting your focus will help you keep your desired goals in mind regardless of the distractions you encounter. When you carefully consider what you want to achieve, your every thought will be on your desired goal. You will understand the consequences of your actions as they relate to your goals and you will choose to conduct yourself accordingly. Your steady concentration will ensure that you are progressing toward the life you want, even when you seem to be in the status quo. You will discover the next step in your path to success. Your unwilling to forfeit that success for momentary pleasures will keep you on tract. When you direct your focus on your desires, you will acquire all the knowledge you need to achieve them.

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